Client Testimonials

Our clients have got some incredible results with their MLA coaching programmes. Some have gained promotion to board level and some have increased their wealth and business income by astonishing amounts. Some have become better communicators and others found a level of happiness, freedom and peace of mind beyond their expectations. The majority of our clients are very happy to talk to someone seriously considering MLA Coaching and we can put you in touch directly with them.

A big THANK YOU to all our clients

We've had the privilege of working with amazing people all over the World for more than 10 years and would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for your support. As you know we are a small coaching practise and 100% of our business comes from recommendation, so thank you for continuing to talk to our future clients about your MLA coaching experience and results.

What our clients have to say:

"About 7 years ago I had some coaching sessions with Maggie. To this day I still use some of the techniques that Maggie set for me. By building the vision and giving me focus on the broad issues I was able to generate the momentum the business needed in its early stages. Together with the right business partner I have built a business with a momentum of its own.

Unlocking self imposed barriers requires real skill - Maggie has that insight and positive energy. Sometimes you just have to 'do it' and I trust Maggie as a person and that has allowed me to 'do it'."
Derek Allen, CMC Partnership Limited

"Coaching with MLA is very valuable to me. They help me get clarity and focus on how to deliver my messages and strategies."
Kristian Tear Corporate Vice President, Sony Ericsson

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on how well I am doing as a result of all the help you've given me in just a few sessions.

The reason I came to you was to help me create a vision of my life. I have now got that and I can truly say that it just propels me out of bed every morning. I have an excitement and drive I just can't contain. The passion I have is literally pulling people off the street and growing the business I work for. My relationships both at work and at home have improved tremendously. I am having fun and all sorts of opportunities are opening up for me. I would be happy to talk to anyone on your behalf. Maggie, what you do is truly magical and anyone who has the good fortune to be helped by you can expect to have their life propelled to the next level and beyond."

"MLA's unique approach to coaching has enabled me both on a personal and business level to achieve some incredible stretch goals. Even more importantly I have passed these skills on to my team and we have created a culture of growth in our people and our business!"
Libby Barr, Vodafone

"My coaching with MLA gave me a chance to get out of the working environment and have the space to look at work and personal situations that I was facing and to recognise and then drop any dead end thoughts, beliefs and attitudes which were holding me back. And to remind me (again!) that life after all is an adventure full of vibrancy and colour to be lived to the full!"
Gillian Hughes

"Whether you as a director need a kick up the arse or a clear sense of direction MLA will give you a clear formula for success, clear anything that was in the way, and show you how to defy logic and think big.

I was somewhat sceptical but 3 days later it has really opened my eyes to the potential within all of us. We have a profitable business so 3 days out had to deliver huge benefits and it did. Your goals for the company will probably seem laughably small, like ours did, but MLA will provide clarity to your vision."
Paul Baker, MD, The Lines group

"We asked MLA to deliver more, we asked them to challenge and motivate our sales force and they certainly did that! And it certainly worked for me too!"
Kyle Whitehill, Vodafone

"This coaching is priceless! MLA really know their stuff, no bullshit. I've personally gained way more that I thought possible and I've learnt stuff I can pass on easily to others in the organisation."
Andy Bellingham, New Business Director

"I knew the answers to help me improve my life were inside me and that I needed the MLA gave me to unlock them. The most surprising thing for me that Zana highlighted by the end of the 1st session, was that the things I initially wanted to focus on, weren't actually the main thing I needed to concentrate on first! With Zana's help, by focusing on the area I had overlooked, I felt this really helped me progress in all the areas I wanted!

I can already feel changes in me and because the ideas come from me, this is something I will be able to continue to develop so I can achieve what I most want in life. I think that Zana has been the perfect life coach for me and therefore I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wanting help to improve their life skills and/or quality of life."
Peter Hubble

"The difference that 15 minute speech has made to my career has in recognition terms been worth more than six years of hard work! Thank you.

On my first speaker coaching session I learnt something that I still use today which has made a big difference to my career, so thank you!"
Debbie Mavis, Vodafone Ltd

"Cracking day, the most genuine and motivating I have been to."
AON Delegate

"MLA frees you up to get a really clear picture. We were all a little sceptical and cynical before starting. Now I am genuinely delighted at the way it has enabled us to re-evaluate our thinking, our mindset and unlock our potential. It has changed our mindset collectively and this course gave us the tools to do this within ourselves as much as the business."
Martin Ebdon, Director, The Lines Group

"After being exposed to many management courses and programmes, I was a little sceptical about coaching to say the least. After 20 years of sales management, what could it do for me...?

To my absolute surprise, once I allowed myself to truly take part in the coaching sessions, I achieved some amazing things. Working with Maggie and her non-corporate approach to coaching was fantastic and has lifted my game in my personal life and my career. This has given me a far better quality of life in business and more importantly at home with my family.

I would recommend MLA to anyone who doesn't believe in coaching and just watch the results!"
Jonathan Viney, Head of International Accounts, Vodafone Ltd

"Just a quick mail to thank you for all your help with our National Customer Service Awards campaign. I can honestly say that without you we really wouldn't have created such a quality campaign candidates. I am really grateful for your speedy assistance at such short notice"
Susie Allen, Customer & Employee Experience Manager, Vodafone

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