Executive Coaching

A New Focus

Having a fresh look at your vision, getting a new perspective on your success to date, gaining insights into what will increase your results in the future and above all realising your true potential and inspiring others.

This coaching is for people who want to clarity on their vision, to make sure there’s real alignment and harmony with the vision and that ‘it’s a fit’. We also cover leadership and communication to increase results.

A fresh approach will make a big difference and together we look at your vision, values, mindsets and purpose. Often people find they can do way more than they currently think is possible and shining the light on areas that will make the biggest difference is really energising.

“Having worked with many Business Leaders, CEO’s and Global CEO’s I know how to quickly pinpoint the areas for growth and provide a fresh perspective. It’s a direct and often fun approach to coaching and it makes for very productive and insightful sessions”.Maggie Lawrie, Chief Inspirer at MLA International Ltd

The approach to this coaching means it’s impact is sustainable and it’s not a flash one hit type of coaching. We’ll show you how to pass on some of the techniques you learn to others as well, so your coaching experience has far reaching effects.

When you change the structure of your thinking, everything around you changes.

This type of coaching isn’t about chasing you on your action list, it’s a much higher level than that. We assume you’re already pretty good at doing that yourself. It’s much more about the bigger picture, vision, thought patterns, operating with un-limiting behaviours. Results come over a period of time, are sustainable and grow with time.

Simple, effective strategies for success that last a lifetime.


The best piece of business advice I was ever given was to get a coach. They give you a perspective you will never otherwise get. 

Eric Schmidt, Chairman, Google