Presentation and Connectivity Coaching

Connecting and inspiring your audience

Most presentations need a big uplift in energy and it’s easier than you might think to create a better connection with your audiences. We work with people who want their presentations to have greater impact and who want to truly inspire and engage, which increases the results for everyone.

You don’t have to be a born inspirer to learn how to bring a vision to life through a presentation. There are ways for you to be who you are and light up your audience. Knowing how to structure a presentation and use stories is key. There’s a real art to using stories in business communication and that’s one of the things this coaching will deliver.

Yes we do cover the more traditional parts of presentation coaching such as body language, tonality, when and how to use visuals such as slides, but more importantly it’s about how to fully express your ideas and vision so that your audience are lit up with excitement and energy.

This Presentation Coaching can be done as part of your Executive Coaching Programme, or as separate one to one Presentation Coaching or we can do group training for up to 6 people at a time plus follow up one to one sessions.

It’s easier than you think but it takes practise and together we can change the narrative that will help get results for you and your business.

The moment to shine is always now.

Making great presentations can transform your business and your career; it can change perceptions, influence and inspire others.


You can have great visions and ideas but they only become reality if you can communicate them. Ignite the passion and spark the imagination of your listeners so they take action. 

Maggie Lawrie